Now we have already stayed in Senegal for over a month. We are adapting well to life and Senegal is treating us good like it always has.


We arrived in Senegal at 1 in the night on the 10th of October and were greeted by dear friends at the airport. Thanks Yakhya, Lorry and Mouhamed, we are forever thankful.

It was beyond great for an exhausted mommy and her young ones to be greeted by three police officers, at the airport, that took care of EVERYTHING. From getting our passports stamped to waiting for our luggage and driving us to our hotel. Our friends are an excellent example of Senegalese hospitality. Those that know Senegal will understand what I am talking about; it is unbelievable how kind and helpful the Senegalese people are.


On our first day in Dakar we found our house. It was exactly as we wanted it to be. Not too big and not too small. It is in a great neighborhood with three rooms, two bathrooms and a playing area outside.


Our great house

We were so lucky to be able to move in just the next day. The house in newly constructed and we are the first tenants to live there so we borrowed electricity from the neighbor for the first two weeks while settling in.

Eating dinner the first day in our new house. No chairs and table yet :)

Moving to another country with only eight suitcases is a lot of work. We had to buy mattresses to sleep on, table and chairs, fan, air-condition and everything for the kitchen. The house slowly transforms in to a comfortable home and we are starting to feel at home while making it more and more ours.

It also entails some challenges to change climates with three kids, we spent almost the entire month of November sick. We hope that we have adapted to that and that we can have the month of December a flu free month.

Since this is not the first time we do this, we are getting pretty experienced and know where to look and what the price should be. In just three days our house was ready to live in, we had hired a guardian to watch our house 24/7 and a maid to help around the house, clean, cook and do the laundry.


In our second week we started our world schooling adventure. The two older kids are following their peers in their classes back home. They take the basics like English, Icelandic and Math. But we also add French and other interesting subjects as we go.

The youngest one is just spending his time trying to annoy the rest of us between playing with his toys. It can be difficult to be three in a new country with new habits, too much heat and a bunch of mosquito bites. But he is doing pretty well and is letting us work more and more each day.


We have not decided for how long we will be staying in Senegal, we decided not to make any plans because they tend to backfire at us. So we are just enjoying as it is and we will let God and the universe decide our future. Whether it will be in Senegal, Iceland or globetrotting around the world!