We arrived in Iceland in the end of August by flight from Copenhagen. I (the mommy) came just in time for the wedding of a good friend. The wedding was held in the countryside, which meant a road trip with four great friends. What a great way to start my stay in Iceland. A stay that was exactly about this, spending time with the ones we love. Two road trips with good friends (for mommy), and two road trips with family (for mommy and the kids). September the month of Icelandic road trips!

The reason I was coming to Iceland was to teach at the University, I am a PhD candidate in Development Studies and had planned to teach some classes in the course Development cooperation: Policies and Institutions. The teaching went well, but I was glad when it was over. Preparing a lecture is like preparing for an exam – A little bit of stress and excitement at the same time. I was happy to be able to share my knowledge with others and hoping to infect them with my interest for Africa and development cooperation, but at the same time afraid that I would not be able to answer all of the students´ questions, since the course topic is really broad.


We enjoyed spending time with friends and family while in Iceland and fortunately managed to spend some time at our farm in the North of Iceland.

Our farm is situated on Vatnsnes which is an incredibly beautiful area, close to the sea, with fascinating mountains and a breath taking view.

While in Iceland we had to decide where to go next. Should we return to France or go somewhere else? This was an extremely difficult question and the tribe did not agree. Some wanted to stay in Iceland, others to go to France, still others to go to Asia. In the end we decided that for now the best option would be to go to Senegal. A beloved country that we all know very well, except for our little Senegalese viking. We decided it was time for him to get to know his other country and we missed the sun and way of life in Senegal.

We bought our tickets and off we went…..