I am often afraid of unknown destinations, especially when I´m bringing my kids. Because of that, my first days in a new place can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. I have been awake at night in Africa, listening to all the voices and sounds outside, wanting nothing more than turning back home. At times like that, I ask myself why I am always wandering all around the world – to places I don´t know?

Fortunately, everything is different in the morning when I wake up, am no longer tired and the sun is shining. Then the sounds and voices are interesting and exciting and I embrace a new day with new adventures.

Even though some amount of fear is necessary, too much of it can have a negative effect on your travels. Be CAREFUL, PLAN and RESEARCH your destination. Know what you are doing and where you are going but please bear in mind that not all the world is participating in some kind of a conspiracy to harm you! THE MAJORITY of the people in the world are GOOD and want you to be SAFE and HAPPY. Still, there are some things that are good to keep in mind while ENJOYING mingling with the locals.

  • NEVER EVER walk alone at night if you are not sure that you are in a safe neighborhood. Many parts of cities that are safe during the day become less safe during the night.
  • Look like you know where you are going and what you are doing – even when lost.
  • Avoid pickpockets by keeping your valuables somewhere out of reach for them and not drawing unnecessary attention towards you.
  • Do not flash your expensive jewelry, watch or camera while outside.
  • It is a good idea to leave your new smartphone at home and bring another older one along on the trip.
  • Never give your hotel room number to a total stranger or invite him or her to your room. Meet in a neutral location.

Things to improve your security:

  • I always bring pepper spray for my personal safety when traveling.
  • If walking in the dark, choose an open area where you can see around you.
  • Only used marked taxis.
  • Check travel alerts at your government’s webpage.
  • Try to avoid visiting unstable countries around the time of elections, these times have proven to cause some tension. Being in a foreign country, under those circumstances, is something we all would like to skip