Our road trip from France to Denmark was a lot of fun. A bit too long though, 1600 km in just 4 days, but we made the best of it.

We needed to be home in Iceland in the end of August because of my teaching duties at the university.

Klara my oldest daughter was moving to Denmark to study around the same time we were bound to travel. So we decided to take the road from Nantes to Copenhagen to be able to spend some time with her and then fly from there to Iceland.


We left Nantes on a Tuesday afternoon and drove to Mount St. Michel, in Normandy, where we spent the night in our car. We arrived around 19h and decided to check out the castle.

The castle is just amazing. It is situated on an island but is connected to the mainland during tide.

The walk to the top of the castle was great fun for the kids and me and I highly recommend paying the 9 EUR entrance fee to go all the way to the top.


The next day we explored the D-Day area and spent the night in our car just besides Juno Beach. We stopped by the American Cemetery, walked around and visited their very informative museum, which has free entrance.

After spending two nights in our rather cramped car, we decided to spend the third night at a F1 Hotel close to Lille in France. It was only 37 EUR a night for all of us and the room was ok, nt great and not bad.

The next day was a 19h/1100 km long drive. We decided to go all the way to Copenhagen and arrived there at 6am on Saturday morning, exhausted but happy to have arrived.

Fortunately the car did well during this 1600 km trip, but it decided to break down after couple of days in Copenhagen. I thank God it did not do so few days earlier on German highways in the middle of the night!


We spent a wonderful week in Copenhagen with my daughter and son in law, just enjoying being together before continuing our journey and spending a month in Iceland, where we are now.