Now we have already stayed 2 months in France. Time has flown by and we´ve been enjoying and getting to know the beautiful city of Nantes, where we´re living.

We have been to France many times before and know the city fairly well. We are also fluent in French and live with people that have been living in the city for years, even decades. So that made the move pretty easy for us and we never experienced a situation we could not solve easily with the help of our friends.

I (the mommy) am writing up a PhD and am receiving a research grant for the job. Since my writing is location independent, I decided it would be a good idea to take the tribe abroad and have some adventures. Starting in France was easiest, since we have free accommodation here and know the country fairly well. After France we hope to explore further other areas and countries in our car we recently bought.

Isn´t he pretty?

Isn´t he pretty?

Coming from Iceland we are especially enjoying the low prices and the good weather. But we try to go out exploring every weekend and often in the afternoon. The weekdays we spend mostly at home, since I´m working and the kids playing. I can´t believe how incredibly lucky I am to be able to work from home and watch my kids play in the meanwhile. I absolutely love it and plan on starting world schooling them in the autumn.


When visiting Nantes it strikes to see how clean and child friendly the city is. There are numerous parks in the city with interesting play areas for kids. We have visited some of them, but many are still left to explore.


Last weekend we went on a short road trip exploring Paris.



In few days we will be leaving France and taking another road trip to Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland. The life of a PhD Candidate involves some teaching chores at the University and therefore we will spend the month of September in Iceland. In the end of September we will be returning back to France and keep exploring, but the month of October is an unwritten chapter of an adventure to who knows where!