We left Iceland of the 7th of October at 16:50. I was so glad that I was able to find a flight that was not leaving at 7 o’clock in the morning. This way we could have a good night sleep and eat lunch with our family before leaving. My mom and my kids´ grandma is the best of all. She cooked a traditional Icelandic meal for lunch, our favorite, lamb and Christmas drink.

We came early to the airport so we had time to relax and have some refreshments before boarding our plane to Paris-Orly.

With a late departure like this, we also arrived late in Paris, or at 11pm. Fortunately we were picked up at the airport and driven to our great airbnb apartment just besides the airport.

We spent the weekend in Paris, just relaxing and charging our batteries for Senegal. Alexander also got to spend some time with his dad and big sister.

Did I tell you how great the airbnb apartment was? We took a uber taxi to go to the airport and it was only 23EUR a large Mercedez with eight large suitcases, four people, a stroller and handluggage. How perfect is that?

Our stay at Orly airport and our flight to Lisbon went well and passed by quickly. I can not tell the same story about our six hour wait in Lisbon or 4,5 hour flight to Dakar. Waiting this long at an airport is extremely tiring to say the least and we were so exhausted that we had problems falling asleep on our flight to Dakar.

We arrived in Dakar at 1am, tired and glad to have finally arrived. We were greeted by three police officers, dear friends that came to help us through the airport formalities. We were so thankful for their help, they brought us to our hotel and helped us with our enormous amount of luggage, so we could fall asleep safe with smiles on our faces our first night back in our lovely Senegal.