Capital: Reykjavik

Population: 323.000

Official language: Icelandic, majority of Icelanders speak English as well

Currency: Icelandic krona

ATMs: can be found in all major towns (Iceland only has one city, the others are to small to be considered cities)

Go online: 3G and 4G. Cyber cafes are outdated for Iceland you won´t find them anywhere. There is however free wi-fi access all over and possible to buy precharged phonecard for internet access.

Phone service: There is a country wide mobile coverage, but you can expect to loose connection if in remote areas. Note! If you are in a group it is best to buy from NOVA, because you can call your group for free since calls within the NOVA system are without a charge.

When to visit: the Summer is by far the best time to visit Iceland. The 20th of June is the longest day of the year with 24 hours sunshine. The Winter however doesn´t bring to much sunshine.


Map of Iceland, where you can calculate distances between places by typing in the streetname

Visit Iceland Official Tourism Information Site:

Everything you need to know about Reykjavik:

Conde Nest Traveller Guide to Reykjavik:

Site for road conditions: essential for planning your travels. Real time road closures, storm updates and general road condition:


Airlines flying to Iceland: Icelandair and Wowair are the major Icelandic airlines. During Summer several other airlines fly to Iceland including EasyJet and Transavia

Getting from the airport to Reykjavik and around Iceland: The easiest way to get from the airport in to Reykjavik is by taking the flybus. The bus stops in city centre and offers transport to all major hotels in Reykjavik. There you can buy trips to all major touris attractions and towns in Iceland.

Taxies: Taxies are extremely expensive in Iceland, a better option is to take the bus around Reykjavik or the flybus to the airport. If you still feel like taking taxi, this is one of the major stations

Public Transport: A bus operates all around Reykjavik and to major towns around Reykjavik. All information can be found on

Renting a Car: All major car rentals operate in Iceland. You can rent a car when you arrive at the airport or in all major towns. These two are well known:


Sour sheep balls – not for the taste of it, but just to say you have tried!

Burned sheep heads – they are a traditional Icelandic dish and taste delicious. You can buy a dish of sheep heads at BSI

Hangikjöt – the traditional Christmas dish. Delicious smoked lamb. During Christmas it is served with white sauce, potates, green beans and red cabbage


Kringlan and Smáralind are the biggest shopping malls. Kringlan is closer to down town but Smaralind is in Kopavogur, 10 minutes from down town

Bónus is the cheapest supermarket and can be found all over

Krónan is a little bit more expensive but with more variety

Hagkaup is rather expensive but has more variety than Bónus and Krónan, especially when it comes to fresh fruits, vegetables and meat


Hallgrímskirkja Tower (down town Reykjavík) – for the best views of the city

Golden Circle – a popular day trip outside of Reykjavík

Jökulsárlón – on the south east corner of Iceland

Blue Lagoon – middle way between Reykjavík and the airport