Some weeks ago the family was in heaven. We just bought a van that we were going to convert into a campervan. We intended to travel and live in this campervan and start our nomadic life.

The van was perfect, it was the biggest version of Renault Master, not too old and not too new. We got it checked before buying and were convinced by people, that we considered specialists, that the van was in perfect shape and the perfect van for our plans.

Unfortunately we had been misled and our van broke down only two days after the purchase. The time belt was too old and should have been changed at least one year ago. I consider it luck that we hadn´t started converting it, because then the financial loss would have been even more.

But as I told you the reason we bought this van was because we were going through a complete lifestyle change. We had planned to move to France this coming June, have a base there and travel around in Europe in our campervan. Since our van was not working and the repair would most likely exceed its worth, we needed a change of plans.
We decided to fly to France and stay put until we can find another proper van to convert. Flying to France instead of bringing the van meant that we needed to downsize our luggage and leave behind a lot of items we had bought for the campervan. We already have the experience of moving between countries in suitcases when moving to Senegal in 2011. But this time we were more minimalistic and took as little as possible. We will be back to Iceland in September though, and then we will be bringing some of the stuff me have missed during summer. The rest, we´ll be giving away like proper minimalists.
UPDATE: The insurance company paid us the price of our van because they agreed with us that the car salesman had made a mistake when selling us the car. We went to an auction here in France and bought a Renault Laguna 2010 and are starting our Europe cruise in that.