Schooling is an extremely important part of any longterm travel with kids. When traveling for some months homeschooling might be your only option. Because of financial, language, geographical or cultural barriers.

I have homeschooled my kids on two separate occasions while living in Senegal in West Africa.

The former period lasted eight months. That time I brought an Icelandic teacher that organized a normal school day for my kids at home. We brought schoolbooks from Iceland and my kids followed the Icelandic curriculum. This was a nice experience, the kids were in contact with their teacher at home and were studying the same as their peers.



Studying, Klara doing her studies in the background




Daniel studying with Dagmar his teacher

Daniel & Ingibjörg studying with Dagmar their teacher







Some days were sightseeing days where we would go to the beach or visit the vibrant city of Dakar. We let the kids negotiate for a taxi and take an active part in the organizing of the trips. Some days we did not have a plan. We took a taxi to a certain neighborhood, there we would go out and walk around not knowing where we were. Then jump on the next bus that was going somewhere. When we had done this for few hours we found a taxi that brought us home. On those trips, the kids often had the camera and took photos. It is interesting to see their different point of view. I highly recommend this and will be doing it this way again.








The later period we decided to try a local school in our neighborhood. Let the kids get some friends and learn the local language Wolof. That did not go as well as planned … In Africa, the students are disciplined differently than in Iceland. Beating a student with a stick because he/she came to late or whispered to the ear of his/her friend is a normal and accepted behavior. This behavior affected my kids however, they felt terrible bad watching this so I had no other choice than letting them quit school. I hired a local to come to our house every day and teach them some French and take them outside. This was not as good as having an Icelandic teacher. They were not used to the teaching methods of the local teacher and it was difficult not understanding one word.


Cuties walking home from school in their uniforms